Erius is the magical continent, far from the Human continent called Caspi. Erius was founded after humans created Caspi, Magic Users desired a continent for themselves. After coming to Erius, Magic Users discovered broken stones with magical potential, and later found that each belonged to a certain element. Wizards volunteered to fuse these stones into the three runestones which were then the prized possession of all Magic Users. The runestones gave them a sort of 'boost' to their magic, giving them the potential for more powerful and more varied magical abilities.


Natives of EriusEdit

Along with Magic Users, beings called Fae live in Erius. Fae are more closely linked to the runes, and allowed magic users to create them, seeing them as part of their kin. Fae are generally disinterested and cold towards humans, which furthered the distance from Magic Users and Humans.


There are three types of fae, Fire based, Water based and Earth based. Fae possess powers similar to mages, but not as varied. Fae are typically hot-headed tricksters, who tend to mess with Humans who decide to travel to Erius. Some Fae dont mind humans, but most are hostile.


Nicknamed as the guides of Esion, sprites are much smaller than Fae. With no distinguishable traits, they are all assumed genderless. Sprites give off bright glows which make them easy to see in the dark forests of Esion, ranging from pinks to blues to greens. Sprites generally will not communicate with humans, but are very close to Fae. Sometimes, sprites will help humans find their way through Esion, but only if the human proves to be worth while. Sprites in particular enjoy music, humans that bring an instrument are more likely to be helped than humans who do not. Sprites will usually play tricks on travellers, catching their clothes on branches or tripping them on roots. These tricks can turn violent though, if the human is particularly rude and mean during their travels.


Ents are nature based beings, heavily associated with trees in particular. They live deep in Esion and Erius forests, maintaining the forest's growth and health.

Esion RoamersEdit

Esion roamers are violent furred creatures who stand on four thin limbs, their fur black and whispy. Their head is a skull similar to a canine's. Esion roamers populate Esion and Hookwood, and are seen as dangerous. No one knows why an Esion roamer only leaves behind its skull when it dies, some see them as a type of malevolent spirit.


Esion is north east of Erius, its an extremely dense forest, with plants so tangled it blocks out most sunlight. Esion is cold, and very dangerous to amateur travellers. North of Esion are cold mountains and forest. Closest to Erius is Hookwood, a forest that serves as the entrance to Esion. Hookwood is populated by sprites, deep Esion Fae, and Hookpit spiders. Hookwood's terrain is jagged and full of cliffs and sudden chasms. Hookpits are tunnels that start directly down, then level out into a pathway that leads out the side of a hill. They say Esion and Hookwood are lenient to Magic Users, who have little trouble traveling through these areas

Corruption of Esion Edit

During the time of the necromancer Locke's reign over erius, he had used the Esion forests as a sort of work base. The area became extremely corrupted, most living creatures died or formed abnormalities, the plant life became twisted and leeched all life from the forest. Hookwood is the most densely corrupted of the forest, and is where the Death rune used to seal Locke is located. Many travelers cannot travel through esion without feelings of sickness, headache, and feelings of dread.


Caspi is the Human continent, slightly bigger than Erius and Esion. Caspi is full of kingdoms and small towns unlike Erius. Caspi is also populated by a small handful of Magic Users. Mages can find easily work in Caspi, as Humans are usually in need of some magical assistance. Caspi is more known for its steampunk-eque towns and cities, the Aviarium being home to Airships which serve as a postal system and mode of transportation. Avians populate caspi as well, they are winged beings who mostly serve as on the go mechanics or post men. They are affectionately nicknamed 'messenger birds' but many find the title condescending.