Beginning of the Era Edit

Locke was a powerful necromancer who sought to control the world, and put it in a state that he could manipulate. He planned to die and be revived in a new body through his son, who possessed an enormous amount of revival marks. This failed however, when his son discovered Locke had murdered his mother years earlier. Locke's soul was banished from the house, but not destroyed like his son had originally intended.

Being able to possess bodies, Locke used the previously preserved body of his wife as a vessel. He then went on to take control of and corrupt the Life rune, which rendered most magic connected to it useless. This affected most healing magic, which made Erius very vulnerable. After a long while of conflict, Locke was finally defeated and his soul sealed into the Death rune, which was put in Hookwood.

After the Era of Locke Edit

Locke's reign sparked very intense stigma surrounding the necromancer class, they became an ostracized group due to the incredible damage one of their own caused. Wizards in particular were strongly against Necromancers, blaming them for Locke's rise. Necromancers became an inward community, isolating themselves, which served a strong platform for other magic users to form negative stereotypes surrounding Necromancers

Eventually, Wizards suggested to move the entire necromancer population to one city, Banir. Many of the class resisted, stating it was cruel and unnecessary, especially when Banir is closely located near Hookwood. Any resistance from Necromancers however only served to further Wizard's points, so they grudgingly obliged.