Mage God Arennos Edit

Arennos is the hot-headed and playful mage god. She refers to her class as 'children', and often creates tools and beings for them. Unfortunately, her most important creations were destroyed in the process of placing them in Erius. Meant to be a library and a place of teaching, it is now a temple used to protect and store mage artifacts and tombs. Her destroyed creations contributed to making the Erius runes.

She has a very hot temper, and is known as the source of most conflict in the realms. She dislikes Au, and threatened to destroy her before sealing her into a hunk of crystal, not having the means to destroy her herself.

Her realm shows off the four main elements, and its always changing due to her ability to manipulate the surroundings at will.

Scepter God Braus Edit

Braus is the hard working and strong scepter god. He refers to his class as 'disciples'. He prefers to train often, and he has two elemental pets. Hes very reckless, but lighthearted.

His realm is that of a training arena, with different terrains and environments in each section.

Sorcerer God Banir Edit

Banir is the wise and reserved sorcerer god. She refers to her class as 'pupils'. She surrounds herself in books and is very introverted, she prefers to stay in her realms, meditating and studying. She prefers solitude and silence, and will become very irritated at however violates this. None of the other gods really know much about her.

Her realm is much like a library, with every surface stacked with books and papers. It is very dimly lit

Necromancer Gods Anormyr & Famurvyr Edit

Anormyr and Famurvyr are the twin necromancer gods. They refer to their class as 'siblings'. When Locke rose to power he corrupted the life rune, which are made from Arennos's creations, She destroyed one of the two realms they had because of this, so now they share one room. They are inseparable, and will often work as one, sometimes finishing each others sentences or trains of thought.

Their realm is very dark, illuminated by blue candles and soul jars. Its messy, with books and pages stacked around and wax building up on walls and on the floor.

Wizard God Matnare Edit

Matnare is the studious and lawful wizard god. He refers to his class as 'students', and hes known to record and keep every new spell and scroll made by his class. He has a very passive aggressive and judging personality, but he wont acknowledge it himself. He prefers to stick to his morals even when inconvenient for everyone else. He has a superiority complex, especially towards the necromancer gods, much like his class.

His realm is similar to a classroom, with books and lanterns, there is a tree in the middle with a spiraling staircase that leads to more extensive bookcases.

Alchemist God Arun Edit

Arun is the clever and mischievous alchemist god, with questionable morals. He refers to his class as 'associates'. He is known to play tricks on many of the other gods and steal their things from time to time. He is somewhat small, but compensates with a very loud and demanding presence.

His realm looks similar to a secret hideout, with a large cauldron in the very center and bookshelves with potions and recipes. Theres desks with various objects, all stolen from different places and people.

Sealed Witch God Au Edit

Au is the sadistic witch god. She does not have a class. Due to her cruel and destructive skills of summoning and creating beings from her surroundings, the other gods decided an entire class would be too dangerous and uncontrolled and sealed her away using a gigantic chunk of crystal made by Arennos. Au, after luring and consuming countless human souls to escape, roams Erius until she can make her grand arrival to the other gods. She dislikes Arennos the most for sealing her away, and Matnare who stayed neutral and allowed her to be sealed.